A rare treat....

I had the great pleasure last night of meeting Helge Johannessen. Helge is out here again escaping the winter of Norway for four months. He has not brought Helgaairhead with him this time like he did in 2005. He has bought a R80GS here in Australia.

Pezz_GS has been providing the garage space for the bike till Helge arrived. At present he has his sleeves rolled up and is preparing the bike for this trip.

Helge plans to just let the bike have its way and take him where ever it likes. There are some firm stops for him and his ‘new’ R80. He will be at the Horizons Unlimited Australia meeting March 13-15 2009, at Mitta Mitta, Vic. Then heading north to visit Norwegian friends in Queensland.

So if you meet a smiling, lanky guy from Norway on an R80 feed him and give him a beer. He is a great guy.

Helge. He can't wait to get out on the Aussie roads again.

Pezz_GS. A great host and knows so much about airheads.

Mark. Owns a R1200GS. He will soon convert to airheads. ;-)

The R80 being prepared.