800 kms after the engine rebuild.....

Got to go for a wee ride yesterday. Not far. About 270 odd klicks. From home here to Glenorie. Then down to Sackville Ferry. Up to Bilpin. Back to Glenorie and then home. All roads I have done and reported on in this blog.

Sharon, a very dear and old friend, has this year started riding. Her first bike was a GPX250. Now she has a very nice and loud red Suzuki SV650S. She rang and wanted me to go for a ride with her. How could I not.

The LT has not had a good ride since the stud repair. Commuting to and from work is not a ride. It is a chore. So 600 odd kilometers after the repair I headed up to Glenorie to collect Sharon. The LT is purring along nicely. It is good to be back on the open road again. Arrive at Sharon’s and she fires up the SV. She has had a Yoshi muffler put on it. Oh the magnificent sound that comes from the new muffler is pure music to the ears. She has asked me to ride the SV later so she can hear what it sounds like now.

Off we head. I set a pace that I think she can keep up with. The black tar flies under our wheels as we both boom along having a ball.

After a stop I follow her and her bike sounds wonderful. She has debated about putting the baffle in. No way. Its sounds great at speed. She would ruin how a V-Twin should sound. I will have to ride her bike and let her hear it.

We pull over on Pitt Town road at a 25km/h 90 degree corner. My turn to ride her bike. Wish I had not now. It has way more power than my Bavarian Tractor. Brakes that make mine feel like a boat’s anchor thrown over the side. The ride position is a killer for me. Low bars and a big tank. My back is made for upright tours that’s for sure.

I fly past her a few times so she can hear the Yoshi orchestra in full song. This engine loves to rev. So she gets to hear it in all its glory. When I pull back in the smile on her face is so broad the top of her head nearly drops off. She is now convinced not to put the baffle in. When I got back on the LT it flet like a huge tractor. Slow to accelerate and slow to stop. Soon though I was back into the swing of my bike and still love it to pieces.

Time to play with my camera and get some ride by shots. Something I will have to perfect as can be seen by the below photos.

Something New and something Old. This 1100S BM came by and I could not resist the photo.

I am very happy with how the LT has turned out after the stud fix. I needed this ride, all be it a small one, the settle in my mind that the bike is ok and going strong again.

Sharon. Good ride girl. Your skill has gone ahead in leaps and bounds. The SV has made you a better rider than if you were still on the GPX.