Tough box.....

My top box has arrived back in Sydney. Thank you Quoll for posting it down to me. You may remember that my top box decided it didn't like dirt roads and flung itself off the bike on the Byalong Valley Way. At the time I didn't really pay much attention to the damage inflicted upon it. I was just worried about my camera inside. Also if it would decide to throw itself at anyone behind me.

Now that it is back with me I can see that it is one tough bit of plastic. Sure it has some scratches. It is still very structurally sound though. So it is going back onto the bike. I know it is heavy and affects the handling a bit. The 3 pillions I have are missing it as a thing to help them lever themselves up onto the pillion seat. This time it will be bolted down. It shall not fell the sting of the road again. I hope these are not famous last words.