Scrubbing in the Black Donut.... BMW

Yesterday I had a new front tyre fitted. The previous owner of the bike had fitted a slightly larger tyre than BMW recommend. This made the bike tram line under brakes. Any irregularity in the road surface and the bike would be off following that. So off to Chivos and get a Metzeler LaserTec fitted. As soon as I swung the bike around to ride off I noticed a vast improvement in the way the front end reacted. The bike had been transformed into a machine that I can now ride and push into corners with confidence. The old tyre was a 100/90/18. BMW said get a 90/90/18.

I took my youngest up the Old Pac to Pie in the Sky. Just to start to get rid of the mould agent on the tyre. Took it nice and slow. Then back home to drop her off with the shopping we did. I love those huge panniers on the bike.

Have a quick lunch and then announce to all here I am off to run in the new tyre properly. I headed through Dural to Glenorie.

When I got to the Wisemans Ferry Rd turn off I took that left and headed to Windsor. This road had just been resurfaced during the week and was super smooth all the way through to Pitt Town. The front end felt so good on this smooth road. The BM just gobbles up anything that it has to overtake. Windsor and where to go to? I was toying with doing the Bells Line Rd. But just as you cross the bridge at Windsor there is a turn off to Freemans Reach. I have been past this turn off many times and never thought of exploring up through there. This time I did. It was not a mistake. Single lane both ways and rough in places road. The views of the surrounding farm lands and buildings are worth the detour.

I followed the road up the hill and found this great lookout over looking Richmond Lowlands.

All too soon it was time to start making my way home as I was on kitchen duty for dinner at home.

Tyre was scrubbed in very nicely and the handling is way much better now. All set for a ride up to Moonan Flats next Saturday. Watch for the ride report and photos.

The route I took on this ride.

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