Poking my weak spots....

Jim Duffield knows my weak spots all too well. Travellers and sidecars. He sent me a photo of a Traveller with a sidecar. "Are you grinning yet??" is all he said in his email. Grinning?! I am going weak at the knees. I had previously posted some pics of a Sport and sidecar. This same company also fits chairs to the Traveller.
This is what Jim sent me....

So I followed the link and here are the rest. I want to do this to mine and I don't. I know the stress that a chair puts on a modern bike. Maybe in Europe it is different but here down under where we travel huge distances I think the Traveller is too small. But I could be wrong.

If it was fitted to a bike here this is what it would look like on the 'correct' side. ;-)


  1. Tiz such a pretty tink it is Rossco, tis a verr pretty tink!

    MZ have had sidecars on 125 upward for more more than half a century mate!

    Last year's meet at the MZ factory...


    Browse the pics for all sorts of MZs with "chairs"...

    I can hear you dribbling from Perth (;-])


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