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Hard bags...

At last my Kappa 21ltr panniers have arrived. Mail out of Germany is not that fast.

They are light. Narrow and I think they are great. I also got a set of Givi top box mounting hardware so Jan now has something to stop her from toppling off the back of the bike. hehehehehehe.

She also now has a triboseat grippy seat cover. This is a very simple bit of mesh that attaches to the seat and stops her from sliding forward. It works that well I would be worried about getting a wedgey from it.

What is love???

Transport problems solved...

Twas a bit hot today.

After a few weeks of either me being sick or very few days off I have had a chance to go ride. It was perfect weather too.

Took myself to Fighter World at RAAF base Williamtown. Also known as Newcastle airport.

Heading north some of the billboards have temp gauges in them. One said it was 33 C degrees.

Mesh jackets rock in this type of weather. So to not having a fairing.

Toasty hot...

Anyone got the marshmallows?

Givi a guy a hand...

The wait has been worth it. I have wanted hard luggage for the Bandit for some time now. I was so spoilt with the hard bags on the BMW.

ThatOtherGuy on the Australian Bandit forums was selling a set of Givi panniers racks. He was asking a really good price. So I bought them.

The racks were fitted this morning.

Now for the panniers. I am going to be using Givi/Kappa 21 liter ones. 
I wanted the smallest ones as I do a lot of commuting and not much touring. So this size should suit nicely. 
They are on their way to Australia as I type. Coming from Germany. Brand new. Bought on eBay for $130 less than the cheapest I could find here down under. This is with courier fee as well. Australian retailers wonder why they are struggling.