Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Under Pressure...

I have been following what kewwig has been doing to his Bandit 1250 via his blog. I saw that he had fitted some tyre pressure monitors to his bike. Not those very expensive electronic ones. Some caps that show lowering pressure via a coloured slider. So I thought these would be a good idea. Also a safety item too. Quick and easy to see what your tyre pressure is doing.

I bought mine from billc1950 eBay seller. What a great guy to deal with too. Great comms. He even threw in a spare valve cap for free. He is what eBay should be all about. The price of these was $2 each plus about $2 for the postage.

This is his blurb for the caps.

Brand new Safety Monitoring tire valve stem caps let you eliminate the guesswork when it comes to your vehicle's tire pressure.  These quality metal caps fit on any standard size existing tire valve stem.  Visually alerts you when the tire pressure is low to help avoid premature tire wear or blowouts from under-inflated tires.
The cap shows three different colors.  Green shows that the tire pressure is normal.  Yellow shows that the tire is low by 4-5psi.  Red alerts you that the pressure is down at least 10 psi.

Thursday, 16 February 2012


16 February 2012

The NSW Motorcycle Alliance is pleased to finally see a peer-reviewed scientific study that confirms what riders have been claiming, and road authorities have been ignoring, for years.

More motorcycles results in lower congestion, quicker travel time and less pollution.

The detailed study by Belgian consultancy, Transport & Mobility Leuven has found that even the slightest shift in traffic composition from cars to motorcycles significantly reduces traffic congestion and emissions.

Thus the answer to the world’s urban traffic congestion may be as simple as creating intelligent policies that promote motorcycle commuting and riding, rather than treating motorcycling as some kind of social problem that needs to be solved by social engineering.

The study, which was presented at the Association des Constructeurs Européens de Motocycles (ACEM) 2012 Conference in Brussels, found that if a mere 10 per cent of all cars on the roads were replaced by motorcycles total time losses for all vehicles decreased by massive 40 per cent and total emissions were reduced by six percent. A 25 per cent shift from cars to motorcycles was found to eliminate congestion entirely.
How and why the government advisors in the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) choose to ignore this research and focus on the “junk science” they use to justify their ridiculous motorcycle policies over peer-reviewed material like this is a question no-one seems to be able to answer.

Rob Colligan, manager of the NSW Motorcycle Alliance said today, “Every time I have raised this issue with the old RTA and the new RMS, it has been ignored or worse denied, with some incorrect data thrown about in an effort to hide the truth. The truth the RMS does not want people to see, is that motorcycles and scooters should be considered a large part of any plan to combat congestion, pollution and traffic concerns in Sydney. The Alliance would welcome and anticipates that the Minister will promptly direct the RMS to accept this peer-reviewed research and make positive moves on it now.”

For media comments please contact Rob Colligan:

Ph: 1300 WE RIDE (93 7433)

Saturday, 11 February 2012

LED indicators...

I got a chance today, between the downpours, to fit my LED indicators and the relay. I got the indicatrors from the2wheels. Relay from Project-R. Both on eBay.

They are not as bright as I would have liked. Nor did I want to buy them so soon but after letting the bike roll of the sidestand the other weekend I had no choice. The left hand indicator popped its lens and also took out the mounting for the screw that holds the lens in. 

I must say they do look better than the OEM stick out and get broken off at first chance indicators. 

I also took made a bracket to move the brake cable a bit to stop the pull on it due to the Renthal Medium Bars. Moving it forward has in fact taken the strain off the hose from the master cylinder to the splitter. I will one day get braided lines and make sure this line is a bit longer than standard. 

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