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Speedmaster - Even more Spitfire.

Take one bottle of  Spitfire Ale.

Drink the bottle till empty. Put empty bottle in recycle bin.

Take the cap. A stainless steel bolt and a large washer. Attached the cap to the washer. Peen over the edges of the cap around the washer which has the stainless steel bolt through it.

You now have a hand made choke knob that cost around $10.

Take the bike's choke knob off. Fit the one you have just made.

Speedmaster - Fat Arsed and Spitfired

My Speedy is again Fat Arsed. Got a Yamaha pillion seat pad, sissy bar and Honda sissy bar pad fitted. That way I can still use my Maverick low rider seat when Jan is on the back. The Triumph touring seat is really comfy for Jan but I really don't like my part of the seat. Got some Arlen Ness mirrors.

Fat Arse can be stripped off in a matter of minutes now when I just want a solo set up.

Also picked up a trench art brass Spitfire from eBay. Fitted to the back of the sissy bar. Not going to polish it up. I like the look of the old patina.

Four bolts and its solo again. With added sissy bar. 

New photos added to my Kool Pommy bikes page

Just a sample below. More can be seen via --> Kool Pommy bike page <--

Speedmaster - My Speedy in Pencil

As you all know my wife is a very talented artist. I asked her to do a portrait of my Speedy. Just wow.

If you would like a portrait of you bike done please see the below links...
Her Facebook art page
Her Art Blog
Her artwork on Redbubble

HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW 2013 - Japan..

Koolness of kool in Japan.

Stolen from -->Jin's Mooneyes show post...<-- You click to go there to see way more... And even more from -->Jin's 1st Mooneyes post... <--

JUST RIDE ......

To see more -->   JUST RIDE VII  <-- from the site of pure Bike Awesomeness that is

Zombie Apes ate my .......

This guy hand makes great handle bars. Bought a set of MICRO BEND-A-LICIOUS APES! from Steffan @ Zombie Performance

So off came the Biltwell Chumps.

I wanted some small ape bars that more of a curve to them. The curves on these are rounder than a child bearing mummies hips.

Also got a set of Biltwell Recoil grips to go with this bars.

I can't help myself...