Friday, 27 August 2010

Redleg's Rides: Book Review: The BMW Boxer Twins Bible

Redleg's Rides: Book Review: The BMW Boxer Twins Bible:

"Here's another book review for I'd written before about BMW reference books,..." Looks like a must have book for all us Boxer riders/fans.

Thursday, 26 August 2010


I have been a avid reader of Sam Manicom's books for awhile now. I started with what was his latest book Distance Suns. Then started to buy and read his other books. I have followed his round the world trip backwards as it were. Sam rides a R80GS. He had never ridden a bike before setting out to travel to Africa by himself. Sam's books along with Ted Simon's books were the inspiration to riding a bike when I was in Vietnam this year.

Sam is releasing a new book about his epic around the world trip.... This recounts his riding in America with his partner Bridgit .

I can't wait to sit down and read this book. I know again he will get those overseas riding juices of mine going again.

If you would like to read any of his books please order them directly from him via his website...

Here is a teaser of what you can expect.......

"....An hour or so later, as the sun was beginning to fall over the end of the valley, turning the violets, sages and greens of the hills into shadowy dusty reds and oranges, a group of horses appeared. The lead horse, a black, white and brown 'paint', pawed the ground and sniffed the air. We were downwind but perhaps he thought he'd heard us talking to each other. I doubt he could see us but he was on his guard as the other horses, a couple of which were wobbly-legged foals, set to grazing the stream's banks, or to drinking from the gently flowing water. We held our breath. This sight felt like a pure gift. Never had I imagined that we would be sitting in a place such as this, surrounded by wild horses. The now brilliant orange sun made the perfect backdrop as the milling horses kicked up small clouds of dust as they fed and drank. This was the real Wild West as far as I was concerned. The horses did their thing and we sat silently watching their peaceful movements. It was almost as if, to the horses, we weren't there at all. Slowly they began to head downstream, feeding as they went and before long they disappeared into the deep red that the last of the sun had cast over the land. Then suddenly it was night and the stars were appearing above us. We didn't need anything else at that moment. Life was pretty much as perfect as it could get..."

"....Hardly a house, rarely a village, seldom any traffic; what a beautiful road. We were on one of the fabled bikers' highways of Canada. Within minutes of rolling onto it, it had started to live up to its reputation. Just road, forest, flowers, lakes, rivers, bears and a few road repair crews for added diversity. In the distance, craggy peaks, lightly dusted with snow, formed one of nature's perfect backdrops. The curving, dipping surface of the Cassiar Highway eased from asphalt to gravel to short sections of thick glutinous mud. Fun time. Above us, clear blue sky and a sun that warmed our backs as we headed north. Alaska here we come... "

Monday, 23 August 2010

BMW Porn .... "BMW enduro retro concepts"

These photos have been taken from Its all in Italian. At least we can drool over the new old 1200s. I do hope BMW make some retro GS.

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