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Merry Christmas to you all.

Just a little note to say Merry Christmas to you all. Ride safe over the holidays.

Proof of how good BMW's are. Even the famous ride them....

Roaming the Central Coast. 1....

Seeing as I basically now live on the Central Coast it is time for a Roaming of the Central Coast ride. Today the weather turned on a very hot and sunny day for us. No set route. Just go for a ride.

So we headed off to Somersby Falls first. Having never been there this was a real treat for me. Having Jan as my human GPS we could not get lost. This is her stomping ground. She has lived up here all her life.

You can tell we are still in the grip of a savage drought. The Falls are but a trickle. Jan said as a kid you could swim at the bottom of some of the falls. Not now. In places there are pools of black stagnant water. Yet the Falls themselves are still very pretty.

My poor riding legs are screaming after all the stairs we have descended and then climbed back up. It is stinking hot too in jeans and a leather vest. We have both been just riding in shirts. The sun has been frying our skin bright red. Before you scream at me as to why we are not wearing all the right gear let me just say th…