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#japstyle - "Rusty" - Kick only & Ratty chopper seat

Took battery out. Fitted a Battery Eliminator. Kick start only now. Starts 2nd kick.
Took the very nice NEW tracker seat off. It will go on my daughter's GS125 build.
Fitted the old ratty chopper seat that has been on my other bikes.
Mounted the number plate so it is more up right.

#japstyle - "Rusty" - Cartoon'd

Thanks to kamu666 on Instagram for the artwork of Rusty.

The bikes I have modified.

Added a new page to show off the bikes I have modified.

--->> You CLICK here to see them... <<---

#japstyle - "Rusty" - Bagged

Recycles the old leather tool bag that had come with Bender my previous bike. Can now carry my wets.

#japstyle - "Rusty" - Night

Just some shots of Rusty at night.

#japstyle - "Rusty" - Short ride

Did a short 50 odd kilometer ride yesterday with 2 mates. First time I have ridden Rusty off my commute route. Rode out to Killcare from Gosford.

What a hoot this little bike is to ride. Being a single 223cc cylinder bike you have to plan corners and gear changes.  Same for up hill. For me this makes riding way more enjoyable.

I can't stop smiling when I ride it.

#japstyle - "Rusty" - Rusty branded.

Some rusty old nails, a tig welder and some needle and thread and Rusty is branded.

#japstyle - "Rusty" - 50 shades of....

#japstyle - "Rusty" - Cheeks pampered.

Ordered a black tracker seat from Prapaporn Sangsongfa at Motosai on Monday for Rusty. Seat arrived yesterday. Fitted last night. Highly recommend both the seat and Motosai. Really like how it looks and feels.