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#japstyle - "Rusty" - Cold Storage

Photo shoot time for Rusty. Found an old abandoned Cold Storage plant to shoot at.

#japstyle - "Rusty" Corked

Bar ends made out of wine bottle corks. WnRn in one and BRAAAP!! in the other.

#japstyle - "Rusty" - Make it my own.

When you buy a bike that has already been customised the challenge is to make it your own.
Accepted the challenge.

Made a small fairing out of some old body work from a Gilera scooter.

#japstyle - "Rusty" stuff that is small done

Bit of decorating.
Made a tank strap. Added some badges. Added a few stickers. Added a skull.

#japstyle - "Rusty" - Here

Lulu the seller of Rusty rode all the way up here from Sydney to drop the bike off. Huge big thanks to her for this.
Already started to change things. Went for a ride first. Changed mirrors, moved the seat back and fitted smaller tail light.

Small changes happen. 

#japstyle - "Rusty" - New to the WnRn stable

So "Bender" goes bye bye tomorrow night and on Saturday" Rusty" the Yamaha Scorpio 225 arrives thanks to Lulu Lopez from Sydney Cafe Racers group.

 As much as I want the DR500 on the road ASAP I need a bike to get to and from work on so a down size to this is perfect.

Look a bike that needs very little done to it by me. Can i stand the shock? Time will tell.

Bender - Bye Bye

Yep I sold Bender.

DR500 - Speeding

Went to the local wreckers. Said a mate said they had wrecked an RG250. Owners says yeah 25 years ago. Ask if he had a speedo from it. He says he has two. Gets a drill with a bit of speedo cable in it. Both speedos work. I buy one.

The RG speedo matches the RG front wheel fitted to the DR500. Speed will be show correctly.

"Pizza Cutter" - Cutting up the tar

It starts.
It goes.
1 up and 3 down on a gear shift that is on the right side makes my brain hurt.
Rode it for about 2 kms today.
Saw 35 miles per hour on the speedo.
It cuts out in top gear. Back into the shed.
So stoked that it is rid-able.
I did not take my camera or phone to record this event. D!OH.
Here is a photo of it from the other day.

"Pistoncino"- Now the "Pizza Cutter"

Pizza Face sticker from arrived. The Gilera is now officially the "Pizza Cutter".

"Pistoncino"- The Road is calling...

So close to this being back on the road.
Exhaust wrapped the header.
KBS Tank lining has cured.
New small tail light fitted.
Just need to fill my petrol can up and go get some fuel for it.

Two more things to be added/changed soon.