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AirHeaded - Ah-8-Tee - be Seated.

Back to the Past with the 70s R100 seat fitted.
Cut the top off the rear guard.
De-tabbed some brackets off the frame.
Some tweaking to do still.
Tail light and rear blinkers are to be replaced.

This thread was a great help too.

2015 Sydney The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

Sunday is gone. I am still on a high from this great event.
My sponsors threw $580 dollars at me to ride in this event. A huge big thanks to you all.

Here are some photos I took. Some photos of me.

Photo credit to

My photos

Photo credit to Walt Radobike

AirHeaded - Ah-8-Tee - Header wrap

3rd bike now that I have used header wrap on. I like the stuff.
2 different colours.

AirHeaded - Ah-8-Tee - Nose job...

I have umm'd and arr'd about putting a fairing on the Ah-8-Tee. The r90/6 seat that arrives tomorrow has started to make the bike look more vintage. So thought I would go even further down that old look theme and get this fairing. Just ordered it from in the USA.

Getting dapper for prostate cancer.

Next Sunday September 27th 2015, more than 22,677 smartly-dressed gentlefolk in 402 cities from 79 countries will straddle the saddles of their café racers, bobbers, scramblers and other marvellous custom motorcycles to raise awareness and help fund the cure for prostate cancer.
I will be riding in the Sydney event. So far nearly 600 look to be going. 
Me in my dapper clobber. Last October my dad passed from stomach cancer. I am wearing his dinner suit in his honor and memory. 

You can sponsor me via this link

AirHeaded - Ah-8-Tee - Told you I have a thing for handlebars.

BMWs have 22mm handlebars.
7/8ths bars are 22.23mm.
So unless you grind off .23mm your BMW controls won't go on. Well they will. But you run a very big risk of them slipping and breaking. Very expensive to replace.

So I had fitted 7/8th bars that I had ground the ends down on to fit my controls.
These bars are 30 inches wide. To get them to fit I had to take the clutch and choke cables off.
I had decided to go back to the R90S that came with the bike back on. So to save having to reset the clutch cable and the choke I cut the bar off.
The bars were cheap ones so chopping them up to make it quicker to do a handlebar change was a no brainer.

AirHeaded - Ah-8-Tee - Seats are worse than handlebars

I have a thing with handlebars. Takes lots of different bars till I am happy with a set.
Its seems this might now be the same with seats.
I had planned on using a solo saddle.
Then I came across a seat of a 1979 BM that has the hump with the BMW roundel printed on it.
I love the 70s style.
It is on its way to me.
It will be fitted.

AirHeaded - Ah-8-Tee - Farce begins...

Now that I am 3/4 over the man flu time for an update.
Took these photos this afternoon.
The Farce has begun.
What I have done so far.

AirHeaded - Ah-8-Tee-Ah-Tee - Back on the black top

Today it rained.
It rained 8 years ago when I took delivery of my first airhead.
Tradition lives on.
Today the Ah-8-Tee was made legal to ride on the road.
It is good, very good to be back on a beemer airhead.

Photos of me heading off to make it all legal.