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8 - Speedmaster

Change No.8 There must be a name for this thing I have for handlebars?!

Is there a cure? I hope that this set is not a placebo. I bought a set of Astro-Glide Riserless bars from Steff at Zombie Performance. Have bought from him twice now and his customer service is second to none. His workmanship is beautiful. He is a true craftsman of the handlebar.

Rode nearly 200km today to and from work with these bars and they are great. 26 inches wide. Makes lane splitting easy. Not that I would know this till 1st July this year when it becomes legal here in New South Wale Australia. I like the position they put me into on the bike. Especially at highway speeds. Tucked in more than the wider tracker bars from change No.7.

You want a set of custom handmade bars then this is the guy to go to.

FrankenPan shot.

Did a photo shoot on a great ole 65 Pan (FRankenPan) for Dirty Love Magazine today. It will be featured in a future issue. Kel, who owns FrankenPan, knows how to build a great bike.

My scribbling in print.

Can't say enough how great it is to see my scribbling in paper print. Chops from Dirty Love Magazine has published my write up photos from the Good Friday Bankstown Bike show. Latest Issue #4. Buy a copy. Great read. Great kustom bikes. I am very grateful to him for this. Cheers mate.

Buy future issues too when they come out. More of my writings and photos will be featured.