Saturday, 22 February 2014

Speedmaster - Handlebar Whore

Yep I admit it. I am a handlebar whore. I can't get enough of them. Their curves and bends speak to me. I seem to change them every other month.

As much as I loved the Zombie Performance Mirco Bend-a-lious bars I have replaced them. That didn't take long hey.

Gracing the bike now is a set of original Harley Sportster Buckhorn style bars. By far they would have to be the most comfortable ones I have fitted. Did close to 300kms today, highway and suburban riding. No numb hands. Every bar I have fitted so far has caused some form of numbness in my hands. Thats would be more position of the my hands and wrists. Not so these Harley bars.

Thew a set of Biltwell Polished Slimline risers on too. Had to drill the triple tree out to 1/2 inch. Retro look they give to the triple clamp now. To torment my mates I have red grips again. Biltwell Ox Blood Recoil grips.

I ran some wet and dry over the bars. Gives the chrome that brushed steel look. The leather between the risers is to hide the knurling that the risers don't cover.

America risers. Too chunky. 

Billtwell Slimline. 

2 up mode. 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Speedmaster ... That's just shocking.

No I have not had an electrical problem with the Speedmaster.

I have had a shock fix.

Got some Hagon 2810 shocks fitted this evening.

I ordered these through Fast Eddy in the USA. You also have to supply him with the following:

"Your weight
Style of riding: Aggressive, normal, easy.
Pillion weight: How often you carry a passenger.
Desired height: Stock, -1/2 inch from stock, - 1 inch from stock.
Weight of gear: Solo and or with pillion and how frequently you travel this way."

He then gets them custom made for you. He is a great guy to deal with too.

As it was late here this evening when I fitted them I wont know what the ride quality is like till the morning. I think they will be way better than the stock shocks that came with the bike. They were getting very sad in a shocking way.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Speedmaster - Black spreads.

Plastidip. Plastic out of a spray can. Weird. Bought a can of Foliatec Spray Film from Repco today. Same as Plastidip.

This stuff is a plastic film. Coated the chrome headlight shell in some black gloss. My spraying may not have been the best. Its black now. Might do the forks next.

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