Saturday, 31 March 2012

Raising the Bar....

My eternal search for real comfort from my handlebars continues. Yet again. This time I did not change the OEM bars. I made some dirt cheap risers.

Over on the Bandit forums at Two Wheeled Texans forums user "Alton" Made a cheap set of risers with some 3/4" by 1/2" collars. 

I searched my local huge hardware chain store and could not find anything like this. So I used washers. They are around 1/4" thick. I used four on each side. I also had to buy longer bolts to mount the handlebar clamps back onto the triple clamps. I used 3" long 3/8" bolts. 

This has added around 3/4" in extra height. What I like about using washers is I can change the height by removing washers as I see fit. So far after one shortish ride I like the new setup. 

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

2 bars and not drunk.

After 2 sets of handle bars I have gone back to the OEM ones. Why? Last week when I rode down the F3 freeway to Sydney with the OEM fitted I found the Zero Gravity DB screen works better for me when I am down a bit lower. Both the Renthal bar and the Daytona rip off bar sit be right up in the jet stream off the top of the screen.

I do love how much leverage the wider bars give me steering wise. Yet I started to feel like I am flapping about in the breeze sitting that upright. Lets see if I chnage my mind in a weeks time again.  

Forgot to add that with the Daytona rip offs I could not get the front master cylder clamp to sit square as this sat just at the end of a curve in the bar. This meant there was a bit of movement when I pulled in the brake lever. Funny feeling that. Like there should be move braking as the lever keeps moving as the brakes come on.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Bye bye renthal handle bars.

I bent my renthal handlebars. For a month or so now the front end from the riders seat did not look square. Think it was end January and el-Lobo had a bit of a lay down off the side stand. At the time I did not think the bars had bent. I think it was not so much the weigh of the bike from the fall that bent them. It was when I was picking the bike up that the weight of the bike was too much for the bars.

I put the OEM bars back on this morning and sure enough the front end looks square. Measured up the renthals and they sure are bent.

I scooted down to Sydney to MCAS  and bought a set of their steel "Daytona"style medium bars and a set of LED indicators for the back of the bike. These now match the front ones. They are bright too which is what I want so the numpties in the cars may see which way I am turning.

The "Daytona" bars are almost the same as the renthal mediums I had fitted. At least if the bike goes down I have bars that may not bend as easy now.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Rack em up....

Not snooker but I have fitted my small Givi topbox to the Bandit. Had to cut the loop off the Ventura rack to get the topbox to fit. So now I need to buy another Ventura rack so I can swap from topbox and rack to rack with Ventura bag when i want to.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Spur of the moment ride to Newcastle.

Rostered day off for me today. SO went fro a spur of the moment ride. I was hanging out the washing and gazed sky wards. Not a cloud in the sky. Warm. Yes go for a ride. So headed north to Newcastle. Up the Pacific Highy way. The F3 freeway is way too boring zzzz. Went to Fort Scratchley  so I could take photos from there. Then rode home.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

LEDs again. With added fowardness.

Last month I had fitted some flush LED indicators to the fairing. I did like them and they are very bright. However from the front you could not really see them flashing. This could lead to someone not knowing which way I am going and result could be lots of bent metal, broken plastic and maybe me missing some skin.

So today I removed the flush indicators and fitted some forward facing small LED indicators. They are very bright and can be well and truly seen from the front.

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