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Misfire- The lady that interrupts... ????

"Running the bike 2 up the other day at speed, she had a hesitation with a small loss of power. I backed off the throttle and engine feels fine. Could this have been a misfire? Caused my the Omega system?..." Was the Question I asked over at the BOXERWORKS forums.

"Sounds more like fuel starvation to me ... electronics are stupid, they calculate from input rpm whether in 3rd 4th or 5th gear. Check fuel flow, float bowel level, both petcocks on under load etc......"

"Maybe your petcock screens are clogged with "stuff" or your fuel lines need replacing. The magic chemicals being added to gasoline now is cabable of really making a mess of various older "rubber" parts......"

My reply .... "Carbs have never been overhauled in the time I have had the bike. 3 years. So will check these over and see what might need replacing.

135 main jet is standard according to owners manual for 32mm Bings. I have had 145s fitted and had put the 135s back…