Saturday, 30 January 2010

The crack of Doom!... Well not really..

Last Saturday I was going over the bike as you do. I found a crack in the frame. A crack in the major bracket that holds the rear sub frame together and just near the top mount for the mono shock. Not good at all.

To make things worse I was riding from Gosford to the Blue Mountains and back again to start my move to Gosford. I am moving in with Jan, my partner. I knew I could weld this but did I want to risk blowing a big hole in the frame. Yeah why not. it has been well over 25 years or more since I last did any welding. So after helping my sis and brother in law load furniture up to go back to their place/my parents place I decided I would have a go at fixing this crack.

My Dad has a stick welder. One setting. Full bore. Did a wee bit of practice on an old mower blade and it was time to blow up the bike. Both battery terminals disconnected. Frame Clamped back together. Paint removed from cracked area. Fire up the welder and a welding I went. Took 3 passes with a weld bead. Read looks like bird poo. The crack is gone. The welds are holding. Some fencing wire was used as a bushies welding job. Just to hold the frame together in case the weld brakes again. Splash some anitrust paint on the weld and Bobs your aunty. Fixed.

Thanks Dad for letting me use your tools and welder.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Roaming the Blue Mountians...Part 3

10th January. One of my last rides as a resident of the Blue Mountains. Jan and I had been up at my place sorting through some of my things. I am preparing to move in with Jan up on the Central Coast.

Sunday morning dawned with an amazing sunrise. The air was clear. All setting the scene for a good ride of around 230 kilometres.

We would head west first to Mt Victoria. Then over to the Bells Line of Road. Down to Windsor for lunch at Stir Crazy and have our fave Singapore Noodles. Back roads past Scheyville National Park through to Berowra Waters ferry. Then up the Old Pac to Gosford area.

Most of these roads have been written about on my blog before. I will not bore you all over again. What I would like to show you some photos from several places that have such stunning views.

A small dirt road turn off just before the heavy vehicle checking station between Katoomba and Mt Victoria.

There are so many little villages and hamlets hidden away in the mountains. One such place we found was Mt Wilson. We saw a sign in the distance pointing to the left off the Bells Line of Road. Yelling over the BM engine we decided to go and explore and see where this sign took us.

The road is very tight and rough. Treat it with care and it is a fun road to ride. Not only does the road change. From rough running along a ridge line to dropping down into a rain forest with some very slow speed hairpins. So too does the vegetation. From brush and gums to rainforest. All in about eight kilometres.

Mt Wilson from what we saw is just a few houses and a few signs saying there are cafes ahead. Not that I saw any cafes. What we did find was a little dirt road leading down to an unfenced lookout. What an amazing view it was too.

It was so hot by the time we got to Windsor for lunch. Then on to the Central Coast and straight into the pool to cool off. There is nothing like going for a ride on a hot day and then having a pool to come home to soak the heat away.

I am leaving the Blue Mountains. I will be back to ride her roads again.

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R60 and chair...

As an ole sidecar rider myself I still have one big soft spot for the third wheel. Even more so when the chair is slung from an old BMW.

I found this outfit while surfacing the net. I have nothing to do with the shop in the UK that is selling. I get no money for putting it up here. Bowbury Engineering & Motor Works.

This is their blurp...

This outfit was built up as a "green lane special"; a bike to have a lot of fun on. It could also be painted up as a "military" machine, for those into re-enactment. For that, it would not be too authentic, but what the hell! When this machine came in, the engine was rattling like a bag of rusty old nails. This engine was not the original, so the numbers did not match. There were also, numerous electrical problems, including the usual, faulty coil. Another, fully reconditioned, to "as new" engine has now been fitted, and all electrical problems sorted. As a result, it now runs very sweetly. This is a fun machine, to be enjoyed. It's not one for the "rivet counters"!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

R100RS goodness ridden Omeo to Blueduck road

Geoff has allowed me yo show his great video taken by his son on the back of his R100RS...

"Some camera work by my son from the back of my RS on our trip last week. This road is from Omeo to the Blue Duck inn at Anglers rest, Victoria. Probably my favourite race track but boy, don't two up, loaded for touring cramp 'yer style! As usual the audio is a bit/lot crap, but anyway. Must find a better mic system to stop the wind noise."


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