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Checking the small things....

When you think about doing bike maintenance we tend to only do the major things. Oil changes. New spark plugs. Adjust the valves. We tend to not look deeper and check the small things till they break. Of late I had noticed that the fuel filters on my bike looked to be sitting at a funny angle. On closer examination I found that they had started to deform from heat generated by the engine. So it was time to replace them. Glad I did as I have found that they had started to crack as well.

$13.20 later I had 2 new ones from Munich Motorcycles on my doorstep. Look at the difference.

I would hate to think what would have happened out on the open road when one of the filters cracked open. Less fuel range and run out. Petrol on hot exhaust system. It can be the small things that cause the worse problems.

What a Gem.... 1971 R60/5...

This beautiful R60/5 was up on eBAY last week here in Australia. It did not meet reserve. The last bid was $6100. I watched the bidding on and was racking my brains on how to raise the money to bid on it. Short of selling off certain parts of my body I had no spare cash. So didn't bid. I am in no way connected with the seller. He doesn't know I have put it up here. I just want to show off a stunning 1971 R60/5. I so want one it is not funny.

Feeling the heat – Oz camping...

Airbear (Charley Smith) from the BOXERWORKS.COM forums tried to escape the summer heat we are having down under here. This is his ride report. He rides and resides in Victoria. Just because they are south don't mean they don't get some heat down there...

Brunhilde, (Airbear's 1974 R90/6) looking more like a pack animal than a thoroughbred.

With temps getting a bit ‘out there’, 42C etc, I decided to escape to the high country in Victoria for a few days. I went over Mt Hotham and along the Dargo High Plains Road. Camped for two nights at Talbotville, site of a gold mining town abandoned about 100 years ago. There is an excellent campsite with state issue fireplaces and tables, even a dunny (Oz for toilet) and a very nice river to sit in.

Talbotville camp ground.

The Dargo Road is all gravel, mostly well maintained but with the occasional big hole or embedded rock to keep one interested and focused. The track down into Talbotville (marked ‘4WD only’) is very steep and narrow, but…

Some bikes I saw today....

Out for a bit of a ride this afternoon. Nothing special to report or write about. Saw some very nice bikes though.

The sound of one of these makes me go all weak at the knees...

This is on historic plates. When he rode off it sounded brand new. Also sounded sweet as.... Not a drop of oil from it either.

At least his engine is waterproofed by all the oil. Having said that I took a photo of this bike in 2007...

A rare treat....

I had the great pleasure last night of meeting Helge Johannessen. Helge is out here again escaping the winter of Norway for four months. He has not brought Helgaairhead with him this time like he did in 2005. He has bought a R80GS here in Australia.

Pezz_GS has been providing the garage space for the bike till Helge arrived. At present he has his sleeves rolled up and is preparing the bike for this trip.

Helge plans to just let the bike have its way and take him where ever it likes. There are some firm stops for him and his ‘new’ R80. He will be at the Horizons Unlimited Australia meeting March 13-15 2009, at Mitta Mitta, Vic. Then heading north to visit Norwegian friends in Queensland.

So if you meet a smiling, lanky guy from Norway on an R80 feed him and give him a beer. He is a great guy.

Helge. He can't wait to get out on the Aussie roads again.

Pezz_GS. A great host and knows so much about airheads.

Mark. Owns a R1200GS. He will soon convert to airheads. ;-)

The R80 being prepared.

Re-opened part of the Old Pac.

In 2007 part of the Old Pacific Highway at Somersby collapsed. A family was killed in there car when the road gave way. Heavy rain was to blame and maybe poor drainage. This part of of the road is now been re-opened. Lack of traffic use has left the road in very good condition. I rode it today. Very little traffic. A few fast moving Italian bikes removing the chicken strips were heard and then seen. Trouble is when the ride is this good I don't stop to take many photos.

I heard this bike coming for sometime. What a magnificent sound it was too.

Cafe Beemer...

Adrian Braun from Cafe Beemer has allowed me to show off one of his creations. This cafe'd R100RS is stunning to say the least. The 'bling' that has gone onto the bike looks to be very well crafted out of alloy. The muffler is a work of art. You can buy the 'bling' from Adrian. See the link above. They are based in Melbourne, Australia.

Disclaimer: I am in no way connected to Cafe Beemer. I just love a good Cafe Racer when I see one. IMHO